NxStage is pleased to introduce the latest version of the System One: The System One S.

The designs of the System One and System One S are similar, however the System One S is capable of higher dialysate flow rates. Higher dialysate flow rates may mean the ability to increase clearance or decrease treatment time or frequency.

The System One S features:

  • 18 L/hr dialysate flow rate
  • New ergonomic handles
  • Same design as current cycler

Therapy Options for Every Lifestyle

The System One and System One S let patients play an active role in their healthcare, by letting them participate in deciding what therapy options work best.

System One S - Accessible, Portable, Versatile


  • Tap or under-sink connection and a standard outlet are all that are required to operate the PureFlow SL and System One S
  • Integrated water treatment, dialysate mixing, and heating prepares ultrapure water and ultrapure dialysate from tap water*
  • Simple interface is easy to understand and use
  • 24/7 technical support gives you peace of mind that your patients will get the help they need, when they need it


  • Portability of the System One S gives patients the freedom to travel or dialyse throughout their home
  • Drop-in cartridge allows for easy, wipe-down disinfection after each use


  • Flexible therapy options to fit your patients' lifestyles


* Please review the complete User Guide for source water purity requirements.
Please review the complete User Guide for more information on the environmental and treatment requirements for the System One S.

APM1610 Rev. A