The NxStage System One is a portable haemodialysis system designed for home use by patients and care partners. Its simplicity and compact size are intended to allow for easy use in your home. The System One plugs into a standard electrical outlet and, unlike conventional haemodialysis systems, requires no special infrastructure modifications to operate. The System One was designed to make more frequent home haemodialysis a practical reality, without compromising safety. In addition, the System One’s simple set-up and clean up make it well-suited for home and more frequent therapies.

The NxStage System One consists of the following components:

The NxStage System One Cycler

This is the heart of the system, containing the fluid pumps and system controls

The NxStage System One Cycler Cartridge

The dialyser (filter) and tubing are pre-attached for easy set-up.

PureFlow SL

PureFlow SL
This prepares ultrapure dialysate from drinking-quality tap water.

When the Cycler is positioned on the PureFlow SL, together they stand only 102 cm high.

For each treatment, a new cartridge is inserted into the Cycler, where it is prepared for use or primed prior to treatment. The ultrapure dialysate is generally prepared in advance, in batches, by the PureFlow SL, and is then connected to the cartridge.

During treatment, the cartridge tubing is attached to the patient’s blood access. Blood and dialysate pass through the filter to clean the blood. Used dialysate, wastes known as effluent and excess fluids removed from the blood are routed through a waste line on the cartridge and into a drain.

Therapy is complete when the prescribed dialysate volume has been delivered. Daily supplies are thrown away, and the Cycler is simply wiped down after use.

APM1602 Rev. A