Prescription Information

Home haemodialysis with the NxStage System One offers flexible options to fit the lifestyle and clinical needs of your patients. The flexibility of the System One allows your patients to play an active role in their health.

You can work with your patients to help them choose:

  • Where they dialyse
  • How long they dialyse
  • How often they dialyse

NxStage has created the Dosing Calculator, an online tool that is designed to assist you with prescribing options. The Dosing Calculator helps you to develop prescriptions tailored to your patients’ clinical and lifestyle objectives for therapy on the NxStage System One.

Designed and built from scientific formulas and peer-reviewed journal data, the NxStage Dosing Calculator provides flexible treatment schedules, including the following parameters to help you prescribe the therapy option that works best for your patients*:

  • Days per week
  • Durations per hour
  • Volumes
  • Flow fractions
  • Flow rates
  • Blood flow rates

The Dosing Calculator is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. For an in-depth guide to dosing. download the Supplemental Quick Reference Guide.

*Specific dosing varies by patient and individual responses to therapy. As a healthcare professional, it is your responsibility to ensure the appropriate prescription, therapy, and care plan for the individual patient.

APM2835-ENG Rev. A

Fresenius Medical Care has successfully completed its merger with NxStage Medical, Inc.

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