Chronic Cartridges

The NxStage cartridge (with PUREMA H membrane) is used with NxStage System One and provides patient flexibility for more frequent, nocturnal, or intermittent renal replacement therapy at home.

NxStage Chronic Cartridges offer:

  • Easy set-up
  • Flexible therapy options, including more frequent and nocturnal
  • Effective removal of small and middle molecular toxins with simultaneous retention of valuable proteins and achievement of high clearances due to:
    • Even dialysate distribution1
    • Excellent biocompatibility1

NxStage offers a selection of cartridge configurations used for haemodialysis treatments performed in the home, during the day, or overnight while the patient sleeps.

Features CAR-124-C CAR-172-C
Preattached dialyser  
Heparin line  
Needleless access port  
Connections for separate high-flux dialyser  

NxStage Cartridge Express (CAR-172-C)

  • Cartridge Express products are single-use, gamma-sterilised, include an integrated dialyser, and are manufactured from glycerin-free polyethersulfone membranes (PUREMA® H), known for biocompatibility.2
  • For patients requiring anticoagulation infusions while performing their treatments at home, the CAR-172 NxStage includes a separate, dedicated line that can be connected to an anticoagulation infusion pump.2

NxStage Standard Cartridge (CAR-124-C)

  • The NxStage cartridge CAR-124 offers additional flexible therapy options and can be used with alternate dialysers to meet your patient’s clinical needs.
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APM2162-ENG Rev. B

Fresenius Medical Care has successfully completed its merger with NxStage Medical, Inc.

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