How Does System One Work?

How Does System One Work?

Treatment Process

These steps in the treatment process will be tailored specifically to you and your needs by your doctor and care team.

To begin each treatment, you insert a new cartridge into System One, where it is automatically prepared for use.

The dialysate fluid is prepared in advance, when using the PureFlow SL, or you can use premixed bags. Shown with the GREEN arrow path.

During treatment, System One cleans your blood.

Blood and dialysate leave your body and pass through the filter to clean the blood, shown following the RED arrow path.

Used dialysate, wastes, and excess fluids are removed from the blood and routed through a waste line on the cartridge into a sink, toilet, or drain, shown following the YELLOW arrow path.

The cleaned blood travels back to you, shown following the BLUE arrow path.

Before or during treatment you may be asked to measure your weight, blood pressure, or administer medication.

Therapy is complete when the prescribed dialysate volume has been delivered.

Daily supplies are thrown away, and the Cycler is wiped down after use.

Training and Care Partners

A training nurse at your dialysis centre will train you and your care partner. You will learn how to access your blood, operate the system, monitor your vital signs, administer medications, and handle emergency situations. You will be trained using a programme called NxSTEPS Home, where you will use printed and online materials to help you understand what to expect and how to effectively manage your treatments.

One of the requirements for doing home haemodialysis with NxStage System One is that you have a care partner who is willing to monitor your home care. Some patients prefer to control their own treatments with a care partner there for any support needed or in an emergency situation. You and you care partner can decide how involved you want them to be in your treatments. A care partner does not have to be a live-in relative: it can be a friend, neighbour, pastor, or another individual trained on System One.

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